When driving your vehicle, it is important to have a clear view to keep you and others safe on the road. Your wipers do an important job clearing the rain, snow, sleet, and everything else in between, which is why it’s important to inspect your wiper blades.

Wiper Blade Offers

Synthetic Oil


ACDelco OE beam wiper blades are the Original Equipment that come on every new Chevrolet, Buick, and GMCvehicle. Beam wiper blades are designed with pressure points to provide a consistent wipe across your windshield. Schedule your visit today and have a Certified Service expert install new wiper blades.

Wiper Blade Facts

A few things that may indicate your wiper blades need to be replace:

  • Steaking
  • Chattering
  • Worn Rubber
  • Split Rubber
  • Bent Wiper Frame

Yes! Clean your windshield and the rubber part of your wiper regularly. In the winter, use an ice scraper to clear the ice from your windshield. You can also pull your wipers away from the windshield in the winter to prevent them from sticking.

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