Comprehensive Vehicle History Reports available at Dean Cooley GM.

CarFax is a proudly Canadian company that provides a transparent detailed vehicle history report that can be used when you are buying or selling a pre-owned vehicle. CarFax takes pride in providing Canadians with accurate and up-to-date information so that you can feel confident in making a vehicle purchase decision. CarFax is the best at what they do because their reports are comprehensive and available with live data the moment you need it. They are committed to helping you take control of your car buying experience. When you shop for a Pre-Owned vehicle at Dean Cooley GM, we take every measure necessary to ensure that you feel comfortable making such an important purchase decision because when you feel happy with your purchase, so do we!

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CarFax FAQ

CarFax Canada pulls information from many different data suppliers across Canada and the U.S. Data suppliers include government sources and private companies that deal with the vehicle. Other examples may include auto auctions, Minitries of Transportanion, lien registry offices, insurance companies, and auto repair shops.

  • Report summary
  • Lien check
  • Service records
  • Accident and damage detail
  • Lien status
  • Canadian registraion and branding
  • Stolen vehicle check
  • Detailed history
  • Import records

A $0 mean that damage has occurred to the vehichle but the dollar amount is not available for one of the following reasons:

  • The claim was recent and the claim has not yet been paid out
  • The claim was denied by insurance as a result of an offence
  • The claim amount was recouped by another provider
  • The cost to fix the damage was around or less than the deductible so the owner chose to pay out of pocket

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