Our shop from home process is quite simple. We recommend starting by searching our website to see what vehicles we have in stock that interest you. Once you find something that you like, all you as a customer have to do is contact our dealership either by filling out an internet lead form, sending us a text or live chat message or even calling the dealership and the process is started!

Once we receive your lead, we will reach out to get some additional information such as email/cell number and a location to drop the vehicle at. We will then head out to the lot and bring in the vehicle to service drive or if weather permits in front of the dealership. We then will record you a digital walk around of the vehicle to ensure that this is the right unit we are talking about. We will then make arrangements to drop off the freshly sanitized vehicle right to your home.

Once we drop the vehicle off at your home it is yours to take out for a test drive. We will leave the vehicle with you and will return back to the dealership with your trade in vehicle (if applicable) for our certified appraisers to take a look at it. We take the safety of our staff very seriously so before we get in your vehicle we will ensure that the fan is turned off and that our staff have the proper personal protection equipment.

When the vehicle arrives back at the dealership our first step is to do the complimentary sanitizing process. Any touchable surface in your vehicle is wiped down with a disinfecting wipe. This includes the key fob, steering wheel, seat belt, radio and climate control as well as any other knobs or touchable surfaces that can be accessed by the driver.

At this point in time our team will appraise your vehicle using our programs to arrive at a fair market value. We check for cosmetic things like body and paint condition, tread depth on tires and windshields. We also take your vehicle for a small test drive to see if there are any mechanical concerns or dash lights visible. We will also work out numbers on the vehicle that you are currently test driving, doing our very best to fit it into your budget.

Once we have worked all of the numbers we will return to your home and discuss the potential car deal. We will work with you to make sure that this vehicle fits your budget and address any questions or concerns that you may have about the vehicle or potential deal. If all numbers look acceptable our sales consultant will call back to the dealership and our sales manager will hand your purchase over to our finance and insurance office and one of our managers will assist you from there.

Our whole finance process can be completed in the digital realm. We will set up a time for a digital meeting either by phone, facetime or skype. We will print all financial documents and we can either have them sent to you electronically for signature or have the sales consultant deliver them to you for signing. The registration process can also be completed digitally. This is a 100% secure process.

The last step is by far our favourite. Once all necessary paper work has been completed we will deliver a freshly detailed and sanitized vehicle right to your door. We will put plates on your new vehicle and take your trade in back to the vehicle.

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