How it works:

Simply Book a Service Appointment to have your tires changed at Dean Cooley's and let us know you would like to enroll in our Tire Storage Program. We will remove your existing tires, replace them with your seasonal tires. All tires will be labeled with a unique bar code which is directly tied to your account. They are then securely stored for the "off season" until you are ready to swap out your tires again. When you are ready to retrieve your tires, we need is a 48 hours notice and we will ensure we have your tires ready to go, on site for your appointment.


Q - What does it cost to have my seasonal tires swapped?
A - If your tires are not on rims, the cost of a balance & install is $72.00 plus $ 4.00 material fee or $76 for 4 tires. If they are on rims, it is $24.95 for a tire swap. If your tires are on rims & you're doing a GM multi-point inspection, the fee is $14.95. Tire swaps can be packaged with seasonal specials. Call our Dean Cooley Certified Service Team for updated pricing & details.

Q - What is the cost for a set of new tires?
A Tire pricing varies based on the year make mode of your vehicle plus depending on your needs. Contact us today call 204-638-4026 to request a tire quote.

Q - How long do you store tires? 
A - We will store them as long as you need although recommend you change your tires seasonally every 6 months.

Q - What is the cost for additional or long term storage?
A - $45.00 every six months from your storage date.

Q - How will I know my six months is up or coming due?
A - Dean Cooley's keeps log of your time frame for you and will notify you by email, phone and letter as your six months comes near.

Q - How do you keep track of my tires?
A - We will provide you and your tires with a unique bar code that is directly related to you account. When you are ready to retrieve your tires, call us with your unique number and the tires are delivered.

Q - What if I have lost my unique bar code?
A - No worries, we have your file on record and will keep a copy of your unique bar code.

Q - Why do you need 48 hours notice to get my tires?
A- Our tires are stored off site so we need a minimum of 48 hours to retrieve your tires.

Q - Where do you store your tires?
A - Your tires are stored in a secure warehouse off site to ensure the quality storage and safety of your tires.

*$45.00 is the cost for storage only per season, this does not include the cost of the tire swap. The tire storage period is for a 6 months time period from the date of storage. If tires are left beyond the 6 months period, the customer is subject to additional fees.

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