Protect your vehicle! Keep it looking like new inside and out

Paint Sealant or Ceramic Coating

This long-lasting paint sealant enhances the paint’s clear coating. It bonds to the surface to seal the paint and reflect the sun. It will also protect from dirt, salt, pollutants, and moisture leaving a smooth, durable finish that protects a vehicle against our harsh Canadian environment and weather conditions.

Paint Sealant/Ceramic Coating:

  • Preserves the appearance of your vehicle
  • Protects from environment including UV rays, road salt, harsh weather conditions, corrosion
  • Treated areas repel water, making it easier to clean!


Our Canadian roads don’t go easy on your vehicle’s undercarriage. Undercoating is specially formulated to protect the exposed high impact areas on the under body of your vehicle from potholes, puddles, loose gravel, and sharp ice. It seals out moisture and protects from road debris, while providing insulation from the varying Canadian temperatures.


  • Reduces road noise
  • Protects the chassis and under carriage of your vehicle
  • Protects against salt, humidity, and dirt

Interior Protection

Interior protection is an invisible barrier that make for easy clean-up of spills and helps to avoid any permanent stains. The product is available for all interior fabrics including leather, vinyl, and cloth. The treated fabric remains open and breathes, with no irregular texture, off colour change or odour left behind. This will help to block unwanted dirt, grime, spills, and moisture.

Interior Protection:

  • Prevent stains, spills, and odours
  • Works for all interior fabrics including leather, vinyl, and polymer (cloth) fabrics
  • Prevents cracking, eliminates fading, and reduces dust

Rust Protection

Rust can immensely affect how your vehicle runs, looks, and may even shorten its overall lifespan. Vehicles have many hard-to-reach crevices where dirt and grim can collect - creating the ideal environment for rust. Rust spray protection is a synthetic, waterproof product seals the vehicle’s inner body metal surface. It is sprayed into the inner cavities and crevices to protect the unreachable areas.

Rust Protection:

  • Slows down rust process
  • Protects exposed metal
  • Forms a barrier to seal out salt, humidity, and acidity

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