"Bad things happen to Good People" We know that life doesn't always go as planned. Often we assist people who have had some hard times fall upon them. There are many reasons why people can find themselves with challenged credit. We deal with specially trained, caring people that help us restore your credit and get you back on your feet again. Contact us & indicate that you may have challenged credit so we can handle your situation in a sensitive, professional manner.

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Job Loss
Job loss is a common reason behind bad credit. When someone loses a job and its income, it is often necessary to pay food and rent bills with whatever money the person has left.

Illness or Accident
Medical situations such as a sudden illness or a car accident can cause many credit problems. Reduced income from lost work time can be a factor in bad credit, as are the costs associated with healthcare for you or your loved one.

Death of Spouse
The death of a spouse is a devastating event that could also cause the surviving member of the couple to have bad credit. The loss of a spouse decreases income and increases expenses such as medical bills and funeral expenses, and can easily lead to even the most honorable debtor defaulting on his or her obligations.

Divorce is another common cause of bad credit. A spouse could be hit with child support obligations that exceed the amount of money ever spent on raising his or her family, and this can dramatically impact their ability to pay credit card bills. Legal fees for getting a divorce and custody battles also can affect even the most solid of finances.

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