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Dealership Contacts

Dean Cooley
Dealer Principal

Dean Cooley and his family moved to Dauphin to take over the dealership on May 1st in 1995. Since that time a lot has happened. Twice the dealership has achieved triple crown status, General Motors' most prestigious award that is awarded only to those dealers who finish at the top in combined sales volume and customer satisfaction. In 2004 Dean built a brand new, state of the art facility with the idea of further growing his business and better serving you the consumer.

Dean, the dealership and its employees are proud contributors to the Dauphin community as well as those that surround it. We as a team take pride in making not just Dauphin but the Parkland a better place for the generations that follow.

Dean, his wife Karen and their son Jordan all work at this family owned dealership.  Dean and his family enjoy hockey in the winter and the cottage in the summer.

Bob Murray

Bob Murray was born and raised in Gilbert Plains (just outside of Dauphin). He moved to Winnipeg in '97 to go to school and begin his career as an accountant. In 2007, Bob returned home to work for Dean Cooley GM. In his spare time he can be found in the hockey rink, on the golf course or spending time with family and friends.

Alyson Sametz
Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager, Alyson Sametz joined the Dean Cooley GM team in Summer of 2013. She brings over 10 years of sales experience and 5 years in public relations. She also brings a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science to the table and is currently finishing up a Bachelor's Degree in Management with a Marketing concentration. Sametz says that "my area of expertise would definately be in customer service and public relations".

Professionally, she is most passionate about getting everything to look and sound great in attempts to create the best customer experience possible! "I love working with people and creating an environment where everyone prospers" says Sametz while commenting on what excites her most about her work and contributions. "I am constantly learning new things and changing things up, I think thats why I love Marketing because its always different" quotes Sametz when reflecting upon her role within Dean Cooley GM.

Personally, she is most passionate about her family, friends and the community. She simply could not give up her time spent with those close to her. Alyson is the President of the Dauphin and District Chamber of Commerce and has been involved with their organization since 2009. She is also very involved with the Ochre River Rising Stars 4-H program where she spent 10 years as a member and 5 as a leader. She has won numerous awards for public speaking within the 4-h program. That public speaking experience allowed Sametz to become a Marriage Commissioner and was even a Community Justice of the Peace for a while.

When Alyson isn't working at Dean Cooley GM or volunteering you can find her on the family farm that is nestled at the base of the Riding Mountain National Park or finishing her never ending renovations on her home. When she finally decides to take a break you can usually find her hanging out with friends having an awesome time enjoying life.

Karen Cooley
Office Clerk

Ivy Langer
Accounts Receivable/Payable

Meghan Sherman
Administrative Assistant



Cary Fillion
New Car Sales Manager

Sales Manager, Cary Fillion has been with Dean Cooley GM for over 10 years. He brings over 26 years of experience in the automotive industry and says that managing, leading and training the AWESOME sales team at Dean Cooley GM in Dauphin is his area of expertise.

Professionally, he is most passionate about watching his team reach their goals and being successful all while having fun, making working at Dean Cooley GM a positive work environment and a great place to work. "I love working with people and enjoy helping people out so that their experience here is a great one" says Fillion while commenting on what excites him most about his work and contributions.

Personally, he is passionate about his wife and three children. When he is not at work he enjoys planning something fun for his family to do. He simply cannot stop talking about his fantastic kids. It would be impossible for him to give up his time with family and friends.

When Cary isn't working you can find him at the golf course working on his swing, casting a line on the lake or coaching his daughters ball team in the summer. If its winter time, he is found at the hockey rink stopping pucks and mentoring goalies or in an ice fishing shack waiting to catch the big one.

Cary utilizes his management skills as the President of the Men's Club at the Gilbert Plains Golf Course where he has won 3 Consecutive Club Championships. He hones his teamwork skills as a goalie of the Grandview Comets where he has won 2 North Central Hockey League Titles.

Wade Thiele
Sales Manager

Jordan Cooley
Sales Manager

Jordan has returned to Dean Cooley GM after spending the past 6 years living it Winnipeg where he has worked at our partner store Murray Chevrolet. Prior to that he had completed a bachelor's degree from the University of Manitoba. Jordan has been involved with the dealership since he was young, from washing cars to service advising and now joining the sales team. When Jordan is not at work he can be found on the golf course or behind a boat wakesurfing.

Blaine Dawson
Sales Manager

Dean Lounsbury
Sales Consultant

Sales Professional, Dean Lounsbury has been a member of the Dean Cooley GM Sales team for 16 years. Prior to joining Dean Cooley GM he was a paramedic with the Parkland Emergency Medical Services in Dauphin for 16 years. Customer satisfaction is priority number one for Lounsbury stating that "treating others the way that I want to be treated is how I approach every sale". Professionally, Dean finds passion in looking professional and helping people buy excitement. Whether it is a car, SUV or truck he can`t replace that look of exuberance when he delivers someone their vehicle. The rewards of his job make him go `WOW`.

Personally, Dean enjoys spending time with his two sons. He takes inspiration from his son Jason and his ability to make people happy despite having Cerebral Palsy. Dean really enjoys recreation when he`s not at work. In the summer, you can find Dean putting around the golf course, casting a line on the lake or sitting by the fire at the campground. Ripping through the snow on his snowmobile, ice fishing and hockey occupy his winters. Dean is actively involved in the Lions Club as well as the Journey for Sight Ride for the Lions Eye Bank. He used his team building skills to orchestrate three successful Rides as the Chair of Journey for Sight. "I really enjoy helping others" says Lounsbury,"I love working with the Lions Club, First Aid and Citizens on Patrol". Deans success as a salesperson was rewarded by receiving 1st in the Murray Group in 2007. He sold and delivered 50 vehicles in September & finished the year at 217 units sold. Believing in a good work-life balance, it would be simply impossible for Dean to give up his personal life. While he is looking forward to retirement, he will be ensuring his customers are satisfied right down to his very last sale.

Ron Tycholes
Sales Consultant

Sales consultant Ron Tycholes, has been with Dean Cooley GM for 7 years and brings many years of customer relation skills to the dealership from the Agricultural Industry. Over the years, Ron has learned how to talk to customers and build relationships.

Professionally, providing every customer a memorable experience is what Ron is all about. He loves coming to work every day knowing that each day will be different. "I love selling a customer a vehicle that they will love and appreciate" says Tycholes. "Knowing that they are going to go out and brag about buying from me and Dean Cooley GM is such a rewarding feeling" when discussing what excites him most about his work.

Ron enjoys helping others out and mentoring the youth of today. He really enjoys helping the 4-H clubs in Dauphin. He values his time with friends and family and it would be impossible for him to give up what he has now with his partner.

Ron is a true outdoorsman, in the summer you can find him at Blue Lakes in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park. He loves to fish and going quadding. If its winter, you can find him on the snowmobile trail, in the field watching for a big buck or waiting for the rod to jerk in the ice fishing shack. Tycholes has won numerous awards in curling, bowling, ski doo racing and trap shooting.

Dave Rempel
Sales Consultant

Sales Representative Dave Rempel, has been with Dean Cooley GM for 8 years and brings over 25 years of sales experience from Pepsi-Cola to the team. Rempel, a sales veteran is committed to customer service and when asked would say that it is his area of expertise.

Professionally, helping people find what they want and what they need is what really excites him about his work. "If I had to do this job without getting to know my customers personally, I could not do it" says Rempel when discussing the importance of a personalized customer experience.

When Dave is not working you can find him relaxing at the campground or throwing out a long cast in hopes of catching a big fish. Renovating his home also occupies a lot of his time. Dave likes to volunteer, especially with young people. He really enjoys helping others and talking to people.

Rempels dedication to customer service has won him numerous achievement awards from Pepsi Cola and General Motors.

Bryan Byers
Sales Consultant

Product Advisor, Bryan Byers has been with Dean Cooley GM for 2 years and brings over 9 years of sales experience to the team. Self-proclaimed the Dr. of Fun, Bryan believes that his area of expertise is bringing positivity and fun into the workplace. ?Keeping the conversation light and making the customer comfortable is super important. Buying a new vehicle is exciting and scary at times. We want to make the customers experience one that they will never forget!? says Byers.

Professionally, Byers is passionate about reaping the rewards of hard work and giving great customer service. "We are here for the customers and to make them happy" says Byers.

Personally, Bryan says he love vehicles, everything from match box cars to lifted 4 x 47's. If it has an engine he?s into it! When he is not talking about the latest general motors technology or upgrades, he is talking about his son. Bryan favourite way to spend his weekend is at home, relaxing and watching TV, polishing his peewee provincial hockey championship trophy or riding his bike. As a pet lover, he really values the efforts of the humane society. It would be simply impossible for Bryan to give up selling vehicles as he loves his customers and bringing smiles to their faces.

Hector Paulhus
Sales Consultant

Hector comes to Dean Cooley GM after spending 30 years in radio, including 28 with CKDM. During that time, he's been fortunate enough to meet many great people throughout the Parkland in his roles as Sports Director (3 years), then as an Account Executive (25 years). In his role in sales at CKDM, he enjoyed working not only with area business owners, but also with dozens of service groups, community organizations and sports teams. During that time, you could find him at many community events, quite often as a volunteer.

Chantell Elsom
Sales Assistant

Rhett Law
Sales Consultant



Jacquie Bencharski
Finance Manager

Steve Pearson
Finance Manager



Wayne Wasylenchuk
Parts Manager

Wayne has been with Dean Cooley GM since 2003. He works closely with our service department ensuring that the technicians promptly get the right part(s) so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

In his spare time Wayne enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Dayna Guiboche
Parts Consultant

Dylan Saunders
Accessory Specialist

Mike Brunen
Collision Centre Parts Specialist


Certified Service

Rod Carberry
Service Manager

Clinton McLean
Service Clerk

Scott Jacobs
Service Advisor

Gabriel Mercier
Certified Service Advisor

Scott Fordyce
Certified Service Technician

Dennis Slyziuk
Certified Service Technician

Brett Sytnick
Certified Service Technician

Norm Chartrand
Courtesy Shuttle Driver

Mel Palamar
Certified Service Technician

Andrew Peacock
Certified Service Technician

Taylor Lachowsky
Certified Service Technician

Val Kareba
AutoSpa Technician

Wayde Plawicki
Service Assistant

Joe Allard
Courtesy Shuttle Driver


Certified Service Express

Loralie Hrychuk
Certified Service Express Advisor

Joe Smigelski
Certified Express Technician

Josh Tokarchuk
Certified Service Express Technician



Cody Ek
Collision Centre Clerk

Doug Frith
Collision Centre Clerk

Dwayne Caruk
Collision Centre Technician

Dwayne Harlow
Collision Centre Technician

Greg Kozak
Collision Centre Technician

Jon Morton
Collision Centre Technician

Derek Perih
Collision Centre Technician

Kevin Namaka
Collision Centre Technician